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Would appreciate a text each time you visit instead of just the first time. Then can know what time you came and can assess whether its worth having two feeds a day. For example, for one booking, went away Friday night and morning feed done the following day at 11.30 am. If I had known it would be so late would have left cat more food as was long time in between. – What could we do to improve?

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06 Jan 15

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Hi Leanne

Thank you for your comments, we do ensure that we send out txts, it appears at some stage over the Xmas / New Year period several of our txts were not dispatched (we are still investigating this)

As to feeding, please be aware that bookings are for either AM or PM feeding, we cannot guarantee feeding times, as delays at other client houses (out of our control) can significantly delay the service round. We do however try to at all times to meet client expectations

Alan Morrison

Alan Morrison –